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Ben Harry

Ben previously worked in a clinical role for the Christchurch branch of the University of Otago Physiotherapy School until its closure at the end of 2023.

Physio Clinicians was started so that he could continue to offer patient first treatment with longer appointment times that corporate clinics are unable to offer.

Due to the longer appointment times, less patients are seen in a day therefore sometimes a wait time for new patients may be unavoidable however if your issue is urgent please call and we will try to fit you in outside of standard hours.

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Frustrated about being injured and not knowing what to do from here? 

Starting with a detailed one-hour full clinical assessment, we identify your problem and contributing factors then make a management plan so you can get back to walking / running / sport / work / living again.

This plan may involve bringing in other health care professionals like sports doctors, specialists, or surgeons if required so you are able to get the best possible care.

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Why we have longer appointments

This extra time in the first appointment (compared to the standard 30-40 minutes at many other Christchurch private practices) allows us to conduct a thorough diagnostic examination, work together on a recovery plan based on your goals, and set up a self-management plan, all in the first visit. 

Follow ups are 45 minutes, compared to many other private practices who offer 20-30 minute follow ups. The extra time allows for a more thorough treatment session and ensures that you are on the right track to recovery

Physio Clinicians do not share time between two patients at the same time. Each appointment is one on one and we pride ourselves on high value care.

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High performance rehab equipment

The advantage of going to Physio Clinicians is we are one of the few clinics in the South Island with a fully equipped high performance gym. 

This allows for your new injury to be rehabbed until it’s ready for return to sport and beyond.

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