We are able to lodge and treat ACC claims

Weekend & Full time university student pricing at bottom of page

First Appointment (one-hour)

One-hour comprehensive clinical assessment & treatment

Lodgement of ACC claim (if required)

Written information and advice regarding the diagnosed condition 

Written treatment + self management plan

Virtual communication between appointments

Referral for x-ray and/or ultrasound (if required)

Referral to surgeon/specialist (if required)

$55 ACC

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Follow up

The extra time in our follow up sessions allows for a more thorough treatment session and ensures that you are on the right track to recovery

Treatment programme review

Virtual communication between appointments

$45 ACC

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Weekend Physio Pricing

Weekend physiotherapy has a flat rate of $65 (ACC) for both first and follow up appointments. No discounts apply.

The weekend service is set to the standard 30 minutes used in many private practices.

If you would like a more through assessment, then choose a weekday appointment a one-hour individualised clinical assessment & treatment.

ARA Students

We want everyone who needs physiotherapy to be able to access it. If funds to pay for treatment are an issue, discuss this with your physiotherapist.

Reduced prices for ARA & full time university students.

First appointment (one-hour)

$30 ACC / $90 private

Follow up

$30 ACC / $80 private

Private prices

Price for private appointment’s that do not qualify for ACC. If you are unsure if the injury qualifies as ACC, please discuss this with the physio.

First appointment (one-hour)

$130 private

Follow up

$95 private